5 Ways To Promote Yourself The Motivational-Speaker-Success.com Way

We, at motivational-speaker-success.com, have dozens of priceless tips on how to promote yourself as a motivational speaker. Five unexpected tips standout, nonetheless, because of their effectiveness.

1. Give a free demo

A fledgling motivational speaker is usually not invited to events. Who would want to hire a virtually unknown speaker anyway?

Motivational SpeakersHowever, how can you establish your name in the industry if you won’t be given the chance to open your mouth in front of an audience very often? Do not expect to have many invitations in mailbox out of nowhere. You have to promote yourself first, and that is not limited to offering your service for free. Many speakers even pay to have a slot in events because the connections they can get there are priceless.

Look for event producers and organizers as well as companies that usually hold seminars and conferences for their employees. Send your resume, certifications, sample of speech (preferably published), and video resume with a video or audio recording of your actual delivery. Give compelling reasons why your expertise is needed at no cost at all.

Sometimes, organizers also look for volunteer motivational speakers and announce it on broadsheets and in the social media. Grab the chance with or without a fee. What’s important are the exposure that you will get and the connections that you can make.

2. Join Speakers Bureau and other similar organizations

There are specific organizations whose primary function is to create a network for various motivational speakers. The members can take advantage of this connection to learn from each other’s experiences, get updated about the latest practices in public speaking, be referred to clients, event organizers, and sponsors, and make their line of specializations known to other people for better exposure.

Such organizations also commonly offer special training and lectures to help you improve your skills. Sometimes, the lecturers introduce their outstanding student members to other more established speakers and prolific event producers. Either way, you will gain a big advantage by being a member of your local Speakers Bureau, Toastmasters International, and other similar organizations.

3. Create your website and open a fan page in frequented social media sites

Having your own website and fan page is a business necessity nowadays. Trust us, that is exactly what we do here in motivational-speaker-success.com. As a motivational speaker who sells his services, it is important that potential clients and followers be led to you by all means possible. The easiest way to do that is to attract them from where they stay very often—the cyberspace.

More people go online that attend seminars and conferences. By showing how you can make a difference in people’s lives through blog posts, updates, and other multimedia presentations, you make people want to know you more and watch you live. Unlimited number of people sharing their interest in you in social media sites also helps you in establishing a name across different places and beyond racial differences and social classes.

If digital marketing is not your thing, you better hire an expert who can draw traffic to your website, have it constantly updated, and manage your social media accounts in real time.

4. Produce and release podcasts

We cannot emphasize the importance of podcasts enough here in motivational-speaker-success.com. While some people say that it is already a thing in the past, do you know that professionals and businessmen, company executives included, prefer to listen to podcasts than read on websites? Podcasts are more convenient and more straightforward.

You may feel that these types of people are not exactly your target audience. However, they are the ones who would travel and pay just to watch a good motivational speaker. Likewise, they are authorities who can influence other people, which you can use to your advantage.

5. Publish eBooks and contribute to blogs

Almost all established motivational speakers nowadays are already in the publishing business as well as far as motivational-speaker-success.com is concerned. They publish books while some regularly contribute to magazines and newspapers. People who find sense in your speech and style will always want to have a piece of you every day. Once you have established a steady league of followers, you can consider venturing to traditional publishing. Some motivational speakers, such as the late Zig Ziglar and Jack Can field, both earned more from their books than from their speaking engagements.

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