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When we post updates such as articles and videos, we make sure that we include a date stamp so that our readers would know how recent that blog post was. It is important for us that you know how actively we are blogging about website security tools and if the updates would still be relevant by the time you read the post.

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In some other forms of media, such as TV, radio, or print, it would not give you an opportunity to communicate with the content provider, unless you send them an email or regular mail. A comment system is unique to a blog and we have that feature here at securitysite.net. We understand that as a reader, it is tempting to leave a comment or to push conversation topics and ideas further after reading an article or watching a video.

We also want you to connect and engage with us because this blog is not just about delivering information about website security, but also building a friendly community. Because of that, we allow our readers – members and non-members alike – to share their comments on our blog posts. This will empower you by making your reading experience interactive and engaging.

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What We Will Do

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Article Contribution

Securitysite.net accepts outside contributions from IT professionals and industry experts on website security. We have a selective process and every article is subject to editing. The following guidelines apply:

  • High-quality – submissions must have high-quality analysis and information about website security.
  • Originality – if your article contains topics that have been covered, bring a fresh perspective to it.
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  • Human factor – we aim to consistently choose the best articles submitted to us. However, our pick is highly discretionary, and can be influenced by many factors like the number of submissions that have similar themes and the relevance and timeliness of the topic. We do our best to maintain a constructive and open conversation with our contributors and work with them if possible to make sure the article is relevant to our blog.