Three Common Types Of Golf Grips

To be a competent golfer, you must have the right golf grip and learn how to do it correctly. A good grip helps you with control and accuracy in order for you to throw in a perfect shot every time. By adjusting the way you grip the club, you can easily amend any fault in your swing that causes you to hook or slice the ball. There are many types of golf grips and all are equally important at some point of the golfer’s experience.

The Importance of a Golf Grip

Golf Grips With the proper golf grip, you can make consistent shots with much ease. Many golfers do not understand the importance of a grip so they just continue using a faulty grip, not knowing they could be a much better golfer if they used the proper way.

One of the main reasons a good grip is important is that it allows you to be in control of the club. It also enables your hands to work together so you can establish swing speed and bring the club head towards the ball at a nice angle, resulting in consistently accurate shots.

Types of Golf Grips

There are three common types of golf grips: overlapping, interlocking and ten-finger grip. Each of these types has its own advantages and can be used for particular situations.

  1. Overlapping Grip

The Overlapping Grip was popularized by Harry Vardon, thus alternatively called Vardon Overlap or Vardon Grip. This is the most common grip and perhaps the first grip you will learn when starting out. Strong-handed golfers usually use this grip as it gives them the ability to make powerful shots along the fairway.

To do the Overlapping Grip, place your right small finger between the middle and index finger of your left hand. The strength of your grip must be equivalent to that of a firm business handshake. By doing the overlapping grip, your hands get to work together and your shots become more accurate.

  1. Interlocking Grip

Many top professional golfers, including Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, use this grip for a more powerful hit. The Interlocking Grip means to literally lock your hands together around the grip, allowing your wrists to gain more control. Beginners, as well as people with weak wrists and small hands, prefer this style over other styles of golf grips as it doesn’t require much pressure on their hands when locked with the handle.

To use the Interlocking Grip, intertwine your right small finger with your left index finger as you grab the golf club. The thumb of your left hand should fit well in your right hand’s lifeline.

  1. Ten-Finger Grip

This grip is also known as the Baseball Grip. Although not as popular as the other types of golf grips, the Ten-Finger Grip has its advantages that work well for many golfers. It is comfortable on the wrists and can be good for people with arthritis or wrist pain. However, the club may easily slip if you use the Ten-Finger Grip so you need to put in a great deal of practice if you want to use it.

To do this grip, hold the club with both hands as you would hold a baseball bat. Place the small finger of your right hand below the index finger of your left hand. Wrap your thumbs around the shaft, with the right covering the left.


Whether you’re a beginner or starting to make a name in golf, you should consistently work on mastering your grip. It is one of the many abilities that make a good golfer and you cannot be the best player that you can be without perfecting such skill. Work with the club as if it were a part of your body. Focus on it and give it some thought, and you will certainly have more control over the game.

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